Pontiac Lemans Restoration

PONTIAC LEMANS RESTORATION Check out our most recent restoration job, this one took some time because we made sure that it got done right.  We will post a start to finish on the process in the future but felt that the end result needed its own page.  Let us know what you think. ]   … Continue reading Pontiac Lemans Restoration

Classic Bentleys

CLASSIC BENTLEYS After paint many times you want to give your car a protective coating.  A client brought in their classic Bentley so we could apply a ceramic coating.  The ceramic coating acts like a special top sealer that protects.  It's like sunscreen for cars. The Bentley below needed paint, so we painted the hood, … Continue reading Classic Bentleys

One Of The Best Auto Body Shops In Van Nuys

We are one of the highest yelp-rated Van Nuys auto body shop located in the heart of the Valley in the County of Los Angeles.

Chevy Nova Coupe Body and Paint Restoration

CHEVY NOVA COUPE A typical body and paint restoration takes any time between 3-6 months depending on how damaged a car comes to the shop.  This time a client came in and brought a green Chevy Nova Coupe with a vision of not only repairing the body but also wanting to change the original color … Continue reading Chevy Nova Coupe Body and Paint Restoration

1967 Camaro Repair and Repaint

1967 CAMARO This 1967 Camaro got a repair and repaint restoration job done because we didn't go down to the metal and the entire car was not completely disassembled.  The client wanted to change the color from this dark blue to a modern metallic silver.  Turned out really nice. First we grinded the car down … Continue reading 1967 Camaro Repair and Repaint

Datsun 240Z Body Repair and Custom Paint

DATSUN 240Z Every once in a while the shop gets to work on a cool little ride.  This time we got a Datsun 240Z, it's tiny but it's mighty.  The client had been working on his Datsun project for some time and he was ready for the Datsun to get it's body repaired and paint … Continue reading Datsun 240Z Body Repair and Custom Paint

1953 Bentley Exotic Car Restoration

In October of 2013 we got a client who wanted his vintage 1953 Bentley Continental Flying Spur given a little exotic car restoration love.  See how we made it happen.  Exotic Car Restoration and Repair This exotic car restoration job needed minor auto body repair work on various parts of the car.  The Bentley was … Continue reading 1953 Bentley Exotic Car Restoration

Classic GMC Truck Restoration

GMC TRUCK "I went to other five-star auto shops before visiting Jaider on a recommendation. Here's me paying it forward.  Jaider is transparent about his work. I had a dent in my driver's side door that seemed pretty easy to fix. Unfortunately, the quotes I had received from other repair shops didn't think so. Nobody … Continue reading Classic GMC Truck Restoration