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Working With Auto Insurance Claims

West Coast Body And Paint specialize in insurance claims.  We will help you throughout the entire process of all your claim.  We know that a car collision catches everyone by surprise and the insurance claims process can be a bit confusing.  And we are here to help you and get your car back to pre-accident condition as soon as possible.

The three main types of auto insurance are liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance.  California state law requires that all motorists carry liability insurance.  Banks and lenders usually require all three types of insurance be carried before they will approve auto loans.

Liability Insurance.

Pros:  Liability insurance normally protects the insured against claims resulting from an accident caused by the operation of the insured’s vehicle.  Liability insurance also pays for the repair of the vehicle belonging to the motorist who is not at fault in the collision.

Cons:  Liability insurance will not cover the cost of having the insured’s vehicle repaired.

Collision Insurance.

Pros:  Collision insurance pays for the cost of repair to the insured’s vehicle if the insured person causes the damage or it is is damaged by an uninsured motorist.

Cons:  Collision insurance requires the insured pay a deductible usually $100+.  Lower premium payments on the policy, the higher the deductible.

Comprehensive Insurance.

Pros:  Comprehensive insurance covers anything not covered by collision or liability insurance.  For example, hail, wind, fire, “acts of nature”, damage or loss from theft, and vandalism.

The Insurance Claims Process Summarized

First, after your car crash you will need to give your insurance company information about the accident.  Here you will find a helpful guideline with brief descriptions on what to do after a car accident.

Secondly, many insurance companies will tell you or recommend where to take your car for collision repair but ultimately you decided what is best for you, not your insurance company.  Why do we say this?  Here are a few frequently asked questions about this topic and what your options are, that your insurance company doesn’t tell you.

You Pick Your Collision Repair Shop

For example, your auto body repair consumer bill of rights, where it states you have the right to select the repair facility of your choice for the repairs to your vehicle under California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Section 2695.8(e)(2).

Lastly, get your car fixed.  Bring your car to our five-star rated shop, call your insurance company and let them know it is at our auto body shop.  Your insurance company will come to our shop to assess and review the damage, they will determine if your car is repairable and once approved the repair will begin.

“Hands down best body shop ever. Jaider is amazing. Came in with a busted quarter panel and bumper, I handed Jaider my insurance claim and he took care of everything. When I got my car back it was in pristine condition, I couldn’t even tell where the damage was. On top of that he even fixed some rough spots around the car that weren’t related to the accident free of charge. I also can’t forget to mention the detail included with their service. Overall this is a great body shop and I highly recommend anyone bring their car here. I’m even planning to take my other car to get fixed here.”

-Sergio G., Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA, 9/17/2018

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As of January 2022 we have some good news and some bad news…  

The BAD NEWS is we have moved out of our location and are in search of a new home for the West Coast Body and Paint shop.  

The GOOD NEWS is that we have a West Coast Body and Paint mobile paint repair service unit that will come to you!  The mobile paint unit provides auto services for minor body and paint repairs.

Our estimates are free.  Once we receive your images we will provide you with an initial estimate.   The estimate is a ballpark figure, and after we assess your vehicle’s damage in person, we will review the estimate with you.  If you agree to the final estimate, we will begin repairing your car.  Fill out the form below or contact us through WhatsApp to request an estimate.

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