Trusted Metal Auto Body And Panel Repair

Each car is unique and even when collisions seem similar, each car is different, that means the damage to your car is unique.  Regardless of what type of accident your car might need, minor or major metal and panel repair our talented technicians are ready.

At West Coast Body and Paint we study the damaged area of your car to locate the point of impact.  Our leading technician studies the damage of your car carefully in order to write a more approximate estimate.  Our skillful bodyman will assess the damage thoroughly so he can determine the best procedure to follow when removing the damage(s) on your vehicle.  This avoids additional work or cause further damage to your car.

The Expert Metal Auto Straightening Process

Metal straightening requires more skill than any other task in the auto body repair shop.  To straighten damaged metal components properly on your car we need to understand the basic properties of metals and the type of damage it is.  The work of the shop is to decide if the sheet metal will be replaced or repaired.  We ask ourselves, if it is most economical to replace the damaged panel with a new or salvaged part based on part cost and labor.

Metal Repair Process

  1. Roughing out the damage
  2. Realigning the panel
  3. Grinding off the paint
  4. Metal bumping
  5. Heat shrinking to restore contour
  6. Metal finishing

There are four basic types of metal damages:

  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Minor
  • Major

Direct Auto Damage

Direct damage is the result of direct contact with an object.  About 10% of total collision damage is direct damage.  Examples of direct damage are:

  • Holes
  • Tears
  • Gouges
  • Scratches

Indirect Auto Damage

Indirect damage is the results of direct damage.  For example, a front-end collision may result in direct damage to the front of the car, but indirect damage may occur in the underbody and the rear panels.  About 90% of all collision damage is indirect damage.

Minor Auto Damage

Minor damage involves repairs that require relatively little time to complete.  A simple dent can be considered minor damage.  When light to moderate sheet metal damage occurs, repairing the existing panel is often the only logical choice.

Major Auto Damage

Major damage involves repairs that require more time, equipment, and skill to repair.  Repairing major damage generally involves replacing body panels and straightening structural parts.  Examples of major body damage:

  • Severely bent body panels
  • Damaged frame
  • Damaged underbody components

Professional Metal Panel Repair

In theory, dent repairs are very simple, but when two vehicles collide, or your car hits a tree or utility pole, dents become much more complex.  Automotive collisions are not that simple since the actual crash is rarely limited to a single point of impact.

The Quality Metal Panel Repair Process

  1. Remove the paint from the panels that need to be repaired
  2. Straighten the deformed sheet metal as much as possible
  3. Apply a thin coat of filler or bondo to perfect the surface of the shape
  4. Prime/Sealer
  5. Paint/Color and Clear

Skilled Panel Replacement

Repairing bent sheet metal components is a relatively simple but when the body damage to your vehicle is more severe, it will need to be replaced.

Excellent Panel Alignment

Once the panel is straightened, dent free, no ripples, and the panels have been repaired or replaced, we make sure that all of the panels fit together as they should.  All the bodylines will align form one panel to the next.

“Couldn’t be happier with both the work and communication from Jaider and West Coast Body and Paint. I never leave reviews, but this merits a sincere thank you. Took care of some rust on my Jeep, which required custom panel fabrication in a tough spot (which NO OTHER SHOPS wanted to work on because of the difficulty). They got it done quick, seamless, and looking factory good! Sent me progress pics along the way and was very reasonably priced too. Totally unheard of in my past bodyshop experience. Very recommended.”

-Elliot G., 2019

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Where can you find a quality metal auto body repair shop in Van Nuys or the Los Angeles area?

At West Coast Body and Paint!  Our professional bodyman technicians combined have over 80 years of experience.  We work on all makes and models, classic cars, mopars, and luxury vehicles.  Since Van Nuys is known to have the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles, we are here to help out where we can.  Come to our trusted shop for a free auto body repair estimate, give us a call 818.785.2639, text 818.793.7728, text 818.793.7728 or email us at  We are located in Van Nuys, we serve the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area.

Ourestimates are always free and you are welcome to come by our shop anytime or make an appointment.  We know that many clients like the convenience of sending pictures of their car and request an estimate; but, in reality an estimate by this means is not really reliable.  Why?  Because the estimate will either be too high or too low.  In order to assess the damage and give an estimate, a car needs to be seen by a professional and in person.  This insures that the estimate is as accurate as possible, not too high or too low.  For more information click here.

If you are not able to come by our shop during normal working hours, you can give us a call or send us an email, and make an appointment when you can come, in most cases we are able to accommodate our clients.