Datsun 240Z Body Repair and Custom Paint


Every once in a while the shop gets to work on a cool little ride.  This time we got a Datsun 240Z, it’s tiny but it’s mighty.  The client had been working on his Datsun project for some time and he was ready for the Datsun to get it’s body repaired and paint done.  And he came to the right place!

Once the client gave us the green light, we started work on his Datsun 240Z.  This was going to take several months like all restorations.  When we began work on this project we were working on another restorative project as well and these things take time.   The Datsun 240Z had a few problem areas but overall the repairs were standard.  We started immediately repairing the body.

First thing is first, sandblast.  After sandblasting the car, we gave it an acid bath.  An acid bath is to free the metal of any oxidation and make the surface more resistant to rust.  The acid bath is rinsed off with water and soap.  We made sure it was completely dry then we used grease and wax remover.  Blow out the air and then we apply epoxy primer.  The epoxy primer is the best anti-rust agent.  As you can see it’s bare metal.  It has some places which are darker than others as a result of the effect of the acid.

Below you can see the dark color on the metal that is due to the “acid bath”.


When the Datsun 240Z came in, it was just a shell and this works best when the body shop is repairing the body because it gives us the flexibility to get in all the corners- no problem.  This is good to make the repair process go much faster.



Once on the lift it is easier to see the Datsun 240Z from underneath.  We always make sure that all panels from top to bottom are done right.


The Datsun 240Z on the lift made it easier to repair a few spots that needed more work.


The Datsun 240Z needed some rust repair.  We cut the rusted panel and replaced it with a new piece of metal.


Once the bondo was dry the Datsun 240Z was ready for its last sanding sessions.  At this point the entire body of the car was skinned with bondo.  The car was completely immersed with bondo so we could block sand it and leave the panels wave free.



Block sanding complete, it was ready for polyester primer!  The polyester primer is a thick substance, super think, it’s like a liquid coat of bondo.  This is done to give the body another coat of bondo as a measure of precaution.  Regularly this step is not done, the polyester primer, many shops opt not to do it because it’s labor intensive and an addition stage of block sanding.  This is a precautionary measure to make sure the surface is completely smooth.  The results turn out laser straight.



The first coat of polyester primer gives us an idea of how our lines are looking.  We want to make sure that it’s done right so we block sand it even more until the lines are nice and straight.  You can tell by the tape we place to helps us stay straight when we are sanding.  That is why it is not a good idea to assume that after the bondo only, it would ready for the urethane primer.  Hence the reason why we took the time for the extra step.


Here you can see the places where the bondo reveals the imperfections on the body.  Now we can proceed to the next step, which would be to apply the urethane primer.


After this coat of primer, the urethane primer, we go back in to check the lines and make sure that the panels are nice and smooth.  After triple checking everything we got the Datsun 240Z ready to get back in the paint booth.  The lighter areas are the polyester primer and the darker one is urethane primer.  The combination of the two primers shows where one helped the other.   The difference of colors were on purpose, the two different shades of primers help us identify how much primer is left on the panel truly.




The Datsun 240Z is finally ready for paint sealer.



Here you can see we applied the paint sealer.  You can see how even the gray color looks.


We cut through the metal edges and we put on a green etching primer it’s an anti-corrosive primer.  The light green etching primer is only applied on spots not the entire car.


Below is the paint sealer.


Finally getting some color.  First coat of green envy, I mean, monster green paint.  The paint is actually a Lamborghini color called Verde Itaca.  It’s a three stage color.  It has green then a pearl.



After three coats of clear, it’s starting to look like water.  Reflecting very nicely.



The engine bay looked nice but later on the client wanted the engine bay to look like the outside.  A few months later he returned for us to redo it for an additional fee.  This is how it looked the first time.  Later on we will post how it came out the second time around.


Inner cage.


This is the car after color sand and buff.





So here it is, the Datsun 240Z, a lean green awesome driving machine.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

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