Paint Job Preparation

Quality Auto Paint Job

A great auto paint job is not a one-step process but consists of several stages that together produce a quality paint job.   West Coast Body and Paint’s goal is to leave your car looking great, feeling smooth, and lasting a long time.

Why is the professional preparation process important?

Proper preparation means the difference between a good paint job from a bad one.  A bad paint job -right from the start- has a domino effect, if one of the steps is not done correctly, you will see the problem get magnified all the way to the end.  To avoid this scenario on your car, we take our time doing each step professionally and correctly, not skipping or cutting corners, we do it right from the start.

Auto Body Surface Preparation

Below are a few of the steps we take to prepare for your car’s paint job.  Of course each car is different and each collision is different; furthermore, not all the items below may apply.

  • Dismantling / part removal
  • Removing old paint
  • Sand blasting
  • Rust applying primer
  • Body repair
  • Sanding
  • Cleaning
  • Masking

Primers and Primer Sealers

Before we apply a color coat, top coat, or finish coat on your vehicle, the bare metal or plastic surface must be properly prepared.  Primers are designed to improve paint adhesion on plastic and metal surfaces.  They also fill small imperfections and improve adhesion.  Sealers are applied to improve hold-out and seal sanding scratches.

“You can tell that Jaider (owner) takes pride in the work that he does. My car had old faded paint and he matched it PERFECTLY! I happily drive from Oxnard because i know my car is in good hands with Jaider at West Coast Body & Paint.”

-V. Galvan, 2016

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As of January 2022 we have some good news and some bad news…  

The BAD NEWS is we have moved out of our location and are in search of a new home for the West Coast Body and Paint shop.  

The GOOD NEWS is that we have a West Coast Body and Paint mobile paint repair service unit that will come to you!  The mobile paint unit provides auto services for minor body and paint repairs.

Our estimates are free.  Once we receive your images we will provide you with an initial estimate.   The estimate is a ballpark figure, and after we assess your vehicle’s damage in person, we will review the estimate with you.  If you agree to the final estimate, we will begin repairing your car.  Fill out the form below or contact us through WhatsApp to request an estimate.


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