What is a Complete Car Paint Job?

A complete car paint job is when you want to repaint your entire car, not just a few panels, making it look new again.

Is your car’s paint looking like it needs a facelift?

A complete car paint job is your answer.

West Coast Body and Paint will help bring to life your dull looking car’s paint.  We can match any color or if you are feeling a little artistic, you can work with us to design your own custom car paint color job.   Our shop uses the very latest computerized paint-matching software.  Your car will match precisely its original finish and color.

Our professional paint technician has years of experience working with new and classics cars alike.  Our shop only uses the best quality paints and refinishing products.

The Art of The Professional Car Paint Job

You might think that the car paint is a one-stage process but it actually takes several steps.  Every car paint job from complexe and complete paint jobs to spots or one panel, each require time, detail, precision, expertise, and professionalism.

Car Paint 101: Painting Your Entire Car

Our complete car paint job process.

Step 1. Car Surface Preparation

The first step to a high quality paint finish is a clean surface, our painters make sure they work with a blank canvas.  In other words a flawless and clean surface.  We remove every speck of dirt, grease, sanding scratch, pinhole, and other tiny blemish.  Your car’s surface is then prepared by thoroughly washing the surface with hot soapy water.  Finally the surface will receive a solvent cleaning with a special surface cleaner.

Why does the body of your car need to be free of any imperfections?

Because the body surfaces prior to paint application directly affects the outcome of a paint job.  In other words, once the paint is applied over it, the imperfections will be magnified.

Step 2. Body Repair

A quality paint job begins with great body repair.  This is done in two stages, first dismantling and second body preparation.


When we do a complete paint job, we remove all of the exterior body, which might include:

  • exterior trim
  • door handles
  • trim pieces
  • mirrors
  • emblems
  • badges
  • key locks
  • radio antennas
  • headlights
  • rear lights
  • reflectors
  • grille pieces
  • bumpers
  • license plates
  • mudguards
  • anything else attached to the car’s body

By removing everything, this allows the paint to cover all your car’s body evenly, ensuring a quality and professional complete car paint job.

Body Preparation

Preparing the body of a car, is when the entire car is clear of any dents, dings, nicks, cracks or imperfections.  This is corrected by applying body filler, sanding the area until smooth, in a way that you are unable to see any scratches or know where the damage was originally in.

Step 3. Primer

Next we begin prepping your vehicle for primer.  Priming acts as a foundation, ensuring the smoothest and most durable base for the color application.  And even after your primer has been applied and cured a final sand is completed to avoid scratches on the color for step 4.

 Step 4. Primer Sealer

This step ensures a good high quality color hold on your car.

Step 5. Paint Application

The paint process is as important as the quality of the paint itself.  Since there exists an infinite number of colors, mixing the correct shade for your car is a precise science.   To ensure a factory finish, our paint technician mixes the colored base coat to match the vehicle’s color and spray the vehicle with the exact match.  Once we have your color ready it is time to apply the base coat then on to the next step, clear coat.

Step 6. Clear Coat

Clear coats also known as the top coat, act as a tough, flawless, clear finish formulated with UV protection to shield your finish as well as resist chips and scratches.  The clear coat restores your vehicle’s natural gloss finish to its factory appearance.

Step 7. Polish

This is almost the last step.  In this step, your car will go through six stages of sandpaper, then through four different buffing stages, utilizing two different buffing machines to get your car looking better than new.  The polish removes any blemishes left after painting leaving a perfect shine.

Step 8. Part Replacement and Reassembly

Once the paint is dry it is time to put it all together, like the trim, grille, bumpers, emblems, badges, and other auto parts (as mentioned above).

Step 9. Auto Detail

Last step of the car paint process is to clean and wash, (if needed polish and wax) the exterior of the car.

Our goal is to finish the job so that nobody can tell.  Read our reviews and view our before and after pictures.

Where can you find a paint shop for a complete car paint job?

At West Coast Body and Paint!  If you need a complete car paint job come by our shop, give us a call 818.785.2639, or email us wcbodyandpaint@gmail.com for more information.  We serve the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area.