The Body Shop

The Body Shop

This area of our body shop is not beautiful but it’s organized and serves its purpose.  This area is our:

Clients should never enter this area for safety and insurance reasons.

Storage Area

Our body shop has an inventory of commonly used parts and supplies.  Inside the body shop mechanical fasteners, tape, solvents, sanding disks, etc. are stored.

Metalworking Area

This is the area where the vehicle’s frame and body panels are repaired.  No matter the task, we have the professional tools for the best results.  For automotive bodywork we have hammers, dollies, power tools, hand tools, and air compressors.  We also have frame straightening equipment like stud welder, slide hammers, cutting tools, shears, plasma cutters, and welding equipment.

Sanding and Taping Area

Sanding and taping is used when preparing a vehicle’s surface for refinishing.  Equipment includes sanding boards, sanding blocks, grinders, and sanders.  Minor surface imperfections are sanded and cars are wiped down with a surface preparation solvent.  The dust created when sanding old paint is a health hazard.  Therefore, we use proper respiratory protection and ask that our clients not enter this area.

Finishing Area

We also use the auto body shop area to remove masking tape, reinstall parts, detail cars, etc.  The paint finish includes compound polishing, buffing, and minor repairs.

“I came in to West Coast Body & Paint for an estimate on my heavily rusted car roof. Not only was Jaider (the owner) extremely cordial he went over every step process on how he is going to fix the problem and assured me he would finish by a given time, which he delivered. My car went from looking like a bucket car to brand new! This place is definitely a body shop I trust when it comes to referring my friends and family.”

-Adriana C., 2016

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As of January 2022 we have some good news and some bad news…  

The BAD NEWS is we have moved out of our location and are in search of a new home for the West Coast Body and Paint shop.  

The GOOD NEWS is that we have a West Coast Body and Paint mobile paint repair service unit that will come to you!  The mobile paint unit provides auto services for minor body and paint repairs.

Our estimates are free.  Once we receive your images we will provide you with an initial estimate.   The estimate is a ballpark figure, and after we assess your vehicle’s damage in person, we will review the estimate with you.  If you agree to the final estimate, we will begin repairing your car.  Fill out the form below or contact us through WhatsApp to request an estimate.


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