To Professionally Color Match A Car

The color match process is creating a new color to match a desired color.  For example if you want a color to be like that of your car’s old paint, current paint, or a completely new shade.  The paint our leading paint technician creates in the mixing room will be an exact match to your desired color.  Our skilled tech uses a state of the art computer program, a Spectrum Meter, and his detailed eye to get your color just right.

The Master Art Of The Color Match

Color matching is an art and sometimes a difficult job.  Why do we say that?  Because, in most cases, only small areas or one panel of your vehicle will need to be painted.  And although, most cars have a manufacturer’s color code, the computer program does not take into account the natural fade of colors overtime.

Amateur paint shops simply use the color produced by the color code and computer.  When they complete the spot repairs your car will end up looking like a spotted animal instead of one seamless color.  So you can see why it’s an art form especially important when making spot repairs.

Perfect Color Matching A Custom Color

If your entire vehicle needs to be painted, color matching is not a problem.  Together we will create the custom color of your dreams.  You can choose a color you found in a magazine, in nature or from your imagination.  The possibilities are endless.

Whether your car needs a complete paint job or a touch up paint job we will prepare, prime, and seal all panels.  Our skilled bodyman inspects all repaired, primed panels for proper and complete body repair, and primer application.  This insures good adhesion of final top color coat, clear coat, and insures the paint will look like new on your vehicle after your auto body repair work.

Our Favorite Paints Brands

West Coast Body and Paint only uses quality water based paints in the market.  Check them out for more information, click on the link.

Sherwin Williams Ultra 9K (Premium)

Transtar No Mix

“**Highly Recommend** I recently had someone hit my bumper and it needed to be replaced. Another body shop quoted me a very high price. I stumbled across Jaider’s shop while I was driving home and decided to stop in. It was almost 4x less expensive, and he delivered quality work! The color matching he did was incredible, and the work looked better than it did off the line. Not only will you get great prices, and quality work, you will also get Jaider who is personable and makes each interaction enjoyable.”

-Nikko S., Salem, OR, 7/20/2020

Do You Need Expert Color Match Your Car in Van Nuys or the Los Angeles area?

If you need to perfectly color match your car to an existing color or are thinking of a completely new color come by our Van Nuys shop, give us a call 818.785.2639, text 818.793.7728, or email us  We serve the San Fernando and the Los Angeles areas.