Minor and Major Auto Body Repair

Everything is fine until you get into a minor fender bender or in a major car accident and your car needs body repair.

Minor Accident

A fender bender is considered a small vehicle collision, which may include another car or simply damage to your vehicle only.  After this type of collision your car will still be drivable.  The body repair needed for a minor collision may include:

Major Accident

A major accident will almost always include two or more cars, hitting each other at high speeds (a person or persons will often be injured due to the collision).  Or your car hitting a street light, a post, or fire hydrant at high speeds.  If your car has major damage then you will definitely need auto body repair.  After this type of collision your car is not safe to drive or it might not even turn on.  The body repair needed for a major accident may include:

Other Body Repair

Once at our auto body shop your vehicle’s metal body will be repaired or replaced by sheet metal which will be installed and aligned to the exact manufacturer’s specifications.   If your classic car or muscle car is being restored it might have corrosion that will need to be removed as well.

Your car might need body repair on one or more of the following:

When body panels are damaged in a car crash, it is quite possible that mechanical items will also be damaged and require repair or replacement.  Our body shop can complete some of these services, while other repairs may call for work by a professional mechanic.

Once the mechanical and structural body repairs are made, we begin to prepare for auto body painting.


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