Trunk Repair

“Jaider and his team did a great job repairing the front end and trunk lid on my classic car. I did not know what color the previous owner painted my car so they had to color match it. Not only did they match it , but because it was black it reflects everything and it came out to a mirror finish. Jaider sent me pictures of the car in progress and sprayed out a color card with the formula on it for future repairs and touch ups. Im so happy with the work I bought a set of side mirrors to have color matched and they’ll swap out the chrome ones. Each time I go in for touch up, they Get the car turned around in about a week. Most classic car guys know our cars cans spend months at some shops. Thank you Jaider and your team at West Coast Body and Paint!”

Joseph D., Glendale, CA, 5/16/2020

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