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When you hire West Coast Body and Paint’s mobile repair service unit you are working with the best in the automotive industry.  Jaider Arismendy is a 20+ year experienced body man and expert paint technician.  His knowledge, experience, and expertise will be at your service and at your doorstep.

Owner of West Coast Body and Paint

An Expert With L.A. Roots

Although Jaider was born in Colombia his roots are here in sunny Southern California.  Soon after he arrived to Los Angeles he fell in love with the people, the city, the culture, and the weather.  With deep roots in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys, Jaider has taken on his most important role, husband and father of four adorable kids. Throughout his 22+ years in the automotive industry, he has changed lanes a couple of times, but his passion has always remained in the same direction.  You can tell he loves what he does from his work and from what his happy clients say.

An Automotive Path Turned Passion

2000: Clear Auto Wrap

Jaider started out installing automotive clear paint protection film, what is now known as “clear bras” or clear protective wrap.  This paint protection clear wrap is used to help minimize damage to a vehicle’s front bumper and parts of the hood paint.

2002: Mobile Detail

Jaider and one of his best friends started a mobile detail business.  They worked with home and office clients as well as rental trucks companies.

2004:  Detail Shop

The mobile detail shop was growing so Jaider and his friend decided on getting a permanent location.  At this location they worked mostly for various Van Nuys dealerships and local clients.  Soon more and more clients asked Jaider to offer more body and paint services, he decided to take a chance.  He sold the detail shop and bought an established body and paint shop on Oxnard Blvd, in Van Nuys.

2007:  Auto Body and Paint Shop

In the summer of 2007 Jaider bought West Coast Body and Paint.  The shop had no website, social media presence, reviews, or customer base.  Jaider took that shop from the ground and built it up to what it is today.  It is considered one of the best expert auto body and paint shops in Van Nuys and Los Angeles county.

2022: Mobile Auto Body and Paint Shop

After 15 years West Coast Body and Paint was asked to move out.  The new landowners will soon demolish the building were the shop stood.  Today West Coast Body and Paint continues to look for a new permanent location but in the meantime it has gone mobile.  West Coast Body and Paint now offers minor auto body and paint repairs in the comfort of your home driveway.

“Jaider the owner is nothing but honest, kind but more important a real craftsman at what he does. We have brought two of our cars to him. Our mercedes and BMW. His body work and painting skills you will not find better any where else. It’s always difficult to know whether you are dealing with an honest person. He is the real deal. He truly wants his customer to walk away knowing that they were taken care of. You don’t need to look any where else, he is your guy.”

Howard B., Los Angeles, CA, 7/14/2015

Are you looking for a quality auto body or expert paint technician in Los Angeles?

Contact Jaider Arismendy, he is one of the best in Los Angeles.  Our mobile service West Coast Body and Paint, is a quality mobile repairs unit that comes to you.  From minor car damages like scratches and dents, we can take care of your vehicle.  Give us a call or text us at 818.793.7728, or drop us a line at  We serve the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles area.  Clients love us and we love them, don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews.

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