El Camino Body and Paint Repair


Classic El Camino came in for a little facelift.  The car needed some body work and new color.  The roof was peeling and the color was fading all throughout.  Check out how it came out and let us know what you think.


You can see the damage on the roof from wear and tear.  The paint had begun to fade and peel.


On the lift we can see the car in different angles which help us repair the body to a silky smooth finish.


Taking it down to bare metal in some parts.


The doors on the El Camino needed extra love to look its best.


The door got a nice coat of bondo and some time under the California sun.


As you can see on the pictures below most of the panels needed some bondo applied to make sure the body’s lines looked their best.




After my guys tell me, “boss it’s done” I go in with a fine comb and give it another final-final check just to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  The lines had to be straight and smooth on the El Camino before we take it in to the paint booth.


Once I give it the “OK” it’s time to get “wet” with paint.  The client wanted to stay in the same color tone as the El Camino had before but went just slightly lighter on the gray, more like a silver vibe.  It turned out really nice.



Once the paint was all said and done.  Last details were added, logos, emblems, tags, bumpers, etc and the El Camino was ready to get back on “el camino”, the road, for those non-Spanish readers.  Client was happy and that makes us happy.





In the end, the El Camino was looking more like a mirror, the body and paint came out flawless.  Big thanks to the West Coast Body and Paint crew and the client for trusting us with this beautiful classic.


“Jaider is the man! He is taking care of the customer. The service is very good, Fast and reasonable price. If you looking for paint job or body work look no farther. Give him a call.”

-Gnatz Y., L Angeles, CA, 1/22/2019

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As of January 2022 we have some good news and some bad news…  

The BAD NEWS is we have moved out of our location and are in search of a new home for the West Coast Body and Paint shop.  

The GOOD NEWS is that we have a West Coast Body and Paint mobile paint repair service unit that will come to you!  The mobile paint unit provides auto services for minor body and paint repairs.

Our estimates are free.  Once we receive your images we will provide you with an initial estimate.   The estimate is a ballpark figure, and after we assess your vehicle’s damage in person, we will review the estimate with you.  If you agree to the final estimate, we will begin repairing your car.  Fill out the form below or contact us through WhatsApp to request an estimate.


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Are looking for auto body or paint shop for your El Camino in Van Nuys or the Los Angeles area?

Look no further!  West Coast Body and Paint is one of Van Nuys, Ca best car restoration shops.  We also work on all car makes and models, foreign and domestic.  Our body shop services include collision repair, insurance claims, auto body work, custom paint, body kit installation, muscle car and car restorations.  Restorations usually start at 17K with about a 2 year waitlist.  Check out our gallery and read our reviews.

West Coast Body and Paint has been family-owned and has been one of the best in the business since 2007.   We have worked with all car insurance companies and when you bring your car to us, we treat it as if it were our very own vehicle.  We guarantee our work and keep you in the loop with the repairs.

Call or text me 818.793.7728 to get a free estimate or schedule an appointment.  You can always follow us on social media @westcoastbodyandpaint #wcbpshop.

-Jaider A. West Coast Body and Paint, Owner

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