Car Dent Repair and Removal Services

When the metal and/or paint of your vehicle is damaged or stretched, you require dent repair.  There are two types of dents, those which are superficial damages and those which have more damage hiding below the surface.

Bring in your car to our auto body shop, we will assess the damage to your vehicle and discuss your repair options.  Our goal is to remove all dents and dings and get you back on the road quickly and safely.   We have plenty of experience in major and minor dent repair on nearly every make and model.

SMALL Auto Dent Repair

Life happens, you are involved in a small fender bender, hit a curve or a pole, now you need dent repair.  We have seen a variety of auto body damage at our auto body shop.  Car dents is one of those things, that although your car is still in working condition, it looks awful.  But beside it making your car look ugly, they might be unsafe and dangerous.

Superficial Car Damage

Your dent, no matter how big or small needs to be fixed.  If it’s superficial, a dent makes your car look old and lowers the value of the car.   These are commonly known as dings, nicks, and small dents.  These can easily be fixed.  On the other hand, we have those small dents that actually hide a bigger problem.

BIG Vehicle Dent Repair

Your small dent might look like nothing at first, but once we examine your vehicle further we find that the alignment and integrity of the vehicle is at risk.  This is what we call a big dent repair, not only does it refer to the size but the depth of the damage to your car.  Either way, if you are not sure the depth of your dent damage come by our shop, we will give you a free estimate, will let you know the extent of the damage and cost of repairs.

Internal Auto Damage

If the damage is internal, say structural, then we are talking about a bigger problem that needs attention as soon as possible.  Why?  Because if another car accident would occur, let’s just say, you won’t want to be in your car if that were to happen.  Or even the regular use of your car might cause damage to other components of your vehicle, causing more problems down the line.

The Car Dent Repair Process

First, we need to reach the underside of the dent.  This might mean we will need to remove the body panels, tail lights, and the interior panel.  Once we reach and reveal the underside of the dent, our technicians are able to repair, or remove, and restore the damaged area to its original position.  The surface is then left smooth and painted to color match your car’s original color.

Does your car need dent repair?

Come by our shop for big and small dent repair, call us 818.785.2639, or email us at for more information.  We serve Van Nuys, the San Fernando Valley, and the Los Angeles area.