We work with all insurance companies.  If you have been in a collision and your hybrid or electric car needs auto body and paint repair, come with us.  We will help leave your hybrid or electric car looking like nothing ever happened.  Read about your rights as a consumer and what you should do after a collision.

Let us help you get your car back on the road and looking great.  Don’t take our word for it, just read our reviews.  If you have any questions don’t be shy, contact us and we will help you.

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“One of the best body and paint shop LA. Reasonable rates. I know, it is generally some insurance company that pays for repairs so most people don’t care how much excessive most body shops charge. We forget to realize that most of this high mark up gets passed on to us or our fellow policyholders in terms of higher premium ;). So still try to find a body shop that doesn’t overcharge. West Coast is one such shop. Besides lower rates, they fix when most body shops replace. We miss to see the carbon foot print that gets created by replacement.
My Tesla Model S had a small dent on one of the doors. 3 other shops said they would dump the old door and put a new door. Only Jaider at West Coast said he could fix it, and he did! This also reduced in 50% lower bill than other shops, for my insurance company.
Plus, unlike most body shops, this is an owner operated shop and the owner and employees are artists, they know the art of fixing and painting. They did a great job on my Tesla. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend West Coast for any body or paint work on vehicles.”

-Jayesh P., San Francisco, CA, 7/18/2019

Are you looking for one of the best hybrid and electric car auto body collision repair shops in the Van Nuys and Los Angeles area?

Look no further, West Coast Body and Paint in Van Nuys, is here to work with you to fix your car.  West Coast is a family and locally owned shop since 2007.  Call, text 818.793.7728 , or email wcbodyandpaint@gmail.com for an appointment.