Do you feel that taking your car to an auto body shop to get your car repaired is intimidating?

Do you fear that the shop will want to take advantage of you?

You are not alone, you or someone you know might have had a bad experience or has been ripped-off in the past (whether they knew it or not).  We get it.  Unfortunately, the auto repair industry has a somewhat bad reputation for taking advantage of people, not being honest, or fair.

A Few Bad Apples Spoils The Bunch

Like with all industries, some repair shops are good, some are bad, some are honest, some are dishonest, some are professional, some are unprofessional, some are competent, some are incompetent, but most are in between.  And we don’t want those bad ones or in between ones, we want the good ones.  How can you find them?

Sorting The Good Apples From The Bad Ones

In this post we will discuss how you can identify the bad apples and steer away from them so you can be in control, feel confident, and save money.  There are good collision repair shops out there that can be trusted, and we will help you find them.  And if you live in the Los Angeles area our hope is that you consider our collision repair shop, West Coast Body and Paint, as one of those good apples too.

First we will discuss what a good shop does not do to its clients.

Auto Body Shop Bad Business Practices

1. Not Informing the Client

A dishonest body shop is a place of lies, mystery, and dishonesty.  When the client lacks knowledge of the parts or repairs, the client can be taken advantage of.   How?  Read on.

2. Selling Unnecessary Parts

When a collision shop sells a client a part that simply is not needed.  Or maybe sell them a part that is needed but claiming it is new when that is not the case. This can mean hundreds or even thousands of hard-earned dollars, gone.

3. Selling Unnecessary Services

When a dishonest collision repair shop sells services that are not necessary or says they did a service that was never completed.

4. Overcharging 

Overcharging for a part or repair is a common way that dishonest auto body shops make more than a fair profit.

What can you do so you won’t become the next victim?

Knowledge. Knowledge makes you less vulnerable to auto body shop fraud!

The first step is informing yourself, and by reading this post you are doing just that.  This step is the hardest one, gathering all the necessary data will help you make better and informed decisions and will help you save hundreds if not thousands in the short and long run.   And that gives us the segway to our next post.  On our next post we will highlight how honest shops work with clients, this way when you arrive at one, you will know. We will review what to look for and how to identify good business practices.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.  Did we miss anything? Have you had a bad experience and would like to share?

Like I mentioned before, West Coast Body and Paint is a five-star rated auto collision repair shop in Van Nuys.  We don’t claim we are the best, are clients consider us as one of the best auto body shops in Los Angeles.  And we are honored to be included with the other top-rated premium auto body shops in the area.

Should I add something else? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If there is something you want me to write about let me know, I will do my best to write about it. If you ever need any auto body or paint work and you live in the Van Nuys or Los Angeles area call or text me 818.793.7728.

-Jaider, West Coast Body and Paint owner.

“I must say that all the reviews are correct about this shop ,the owner went above and beyond for me 5 stars here.”

-Brett, 2020

Ourestimates are always free and you are welcome to come by our shop anytime or make an appointment.  We know that many clients like the convenience of sending pictures of their car and request an estimate; but, in reality an estimate by this means is not really reliable.  Why?  Because the estimate will either be too high or too low.  In order to assess the damage and give an estimate, a car needs to be seen by a professional and in person.  This insures that the estimate is as accurate as possible, not too high or too low.  For more information click here.

If you are not able to come by our shop during normal working hours, you can give us a call or send us an email, and make an appointment when you can come, in most cases we are able to accommodate our clients.



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