An auto body shop car repair estimate is a document similar to a receipt. The estimate contains all your vehicle’s information pertinent for the repair of its damages.

What is a body shop car repair estimate?

The body shop car repair estimate contains information on:

  • Auto body repair shop’s name, address, phone numbers, email, website, repairs estimate number, date, and name of person who prepares the quote.
  • Your Name, email, address, phone number, etc.
  • Car’s make, model, year, body type, mileage, paint code, license plate number, and VIN (vehicle identification number) etc.
  • Car insurance company’s name, phone number, adjuster’s name, claim number, etc.
  • Description of the damage, cost of parts which need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Labor type (auto body/paint, frame, structural, aluminum, mechanical, electrical, etc), hours and rate.
  • Fees for additional services like detailing, towing, storage, EPA, waste disposal, taxes, etc, and grand total.

At the bottom of the car repair estimate you sign the form authorizing the repair.  Which usually contains:

  • Your authorization for auto body repair and paint.
  • Payment arrangements.
  • Release of liability, for lost or stolen personal items left in the vehicle.
  • No guarantees for used and aftermarket parts.
  • Storage arrangements and fees.

Need a Body Shop Car Repair Estimate?

Seems like on a daily basis our auto body shop receives numerous emails, phone calls, texts, messages through facebook, google, instagram, and yelp requesting a body shop car repair estimate.  When it comes to a body shop estimate, we always recommend that you bring your car to our body shop so that we may asses the damage correctly.

A professional auto body shop rarely will give you with an accurate auto body shop car repair estimate over the phone, email, text, etc.  Because without seeing your vehicle in person, even if you provide pictures, what usually happens is that the quote will be either too low or too high.

Why We Recommended You Get A Body Shop Car Repair Estimate In Person At An Auto Body Shop?

Because it is difficult to tell the exact condition of your car without actually seeing it in person.

A professional auto body shop needs to see and even feel the outside as well as the inside of your car.  Many auto body shops who give you a body shop car repair estimate, without seeing your car, quote you too low.  Unprofessional auto body shop low-ball the estimate to obtain your business, but once they have your vehicle in their shop (and work has begun), they will return to you with a “revised bill”, of course a higher one than the original quote.  Or after the auto body and paint work is complete, you’ll get sticker shock from the additional expenses not included in the original body shop estimate.

In order for you to get an accurate estimate, as a professional auto body repair and paint shop, we advise you to take your car to the auto body shop.  This ensures that your vehicle’s damage will be assessed correctly and that you won’t get a surprise in the end when you receive the final bill.

How Our Auto Body Shop Determines a Body Shop Car Repair Estimate?

First we examine your entire car like the:

Finally, we give you our auto body shop car repair estimate after considering all the damages.  At our auto body shop we will talk to you.  We will keep you posted if we find any surprises -because sometimes it happens after vehicles are examined in more detail or when parts are removed.

Come by our auto body shop anytime we are open if you need of a car repair estimate.  Get in touch with any questions.


2 thoughts on “How To Get An Accurate Body Shop Car Repair Estimate

  1. I was rear ended the other day and need to get the dent repaired. I like what you said about how they should look both and the internal and external damage. The dent is rather look so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had some internal damage too.

  2. My friend had to get her car fixed after an accident about a week ago and she had some trouble with it. I was curious on how to get a good estimate for your car after something like that. It makes a lot of sense that the shop would like to see the car in person before they can tell you! I know I would rather have an accurate car estimate than one over the phone that could change depending on the actual damage. Thank you for the information!

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