How to Spot a Bad Car Paint Job

How Can You Spot a Bad Paint Job? You go to pick up your car at the local independent shop or big corporate auto paint shop and everything seems to look fine... until, you get home and notice a problem.  The paint on your car looks a bit off.  Something is wrong. If you look … Continue reading How to Spot a Bad Car Paint Job

Pontiac Lemans Restoration

PONTIAC LEMANS RESTORATION Check out our most recent restoration job, this one took some time because we made sure that it got done right.  We will post a start to finish on the process in the future but felt that the end result needed its own page.  Let us know what you think. ]   … Continue reading Pontiac Lemans Restoration

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How To Get An Accurate Body Shop Car Repair Estimate

In order for a professional auto body and repair shop to be able to give a potential client an accurate estimate, it is advised the person bring in the car to the auto body shop, so it may be assessed correctly and the client won't get a surprise in the end when they receive the final bill.