In December of 2007 we got a client who wanted his vandalized Bentley scratch free.  See how we made it happen. 

Vandalized Keyed Car Repair

At the shop we work on many exotic and luxury cars.  On December 2007 a Bentley came in with damage to the left side panel.  The Bentley was keyed and needed keyed car repair on the left side panels of the car.

What is keying a car?

When you car is keyed it means that you are a victim of vandalism.  Which means that you have been targeted by an individual or a group of people with the intention of damaging your car, in this case with a key or another (usually metal) object strong enough to cause a scratch deep enough to ruin the paint of your car.

In some cases a keyed car may have superficial damage and in some cases the paint is damaged down to the metal.  Either way the owner can rest assured we can fix both types of car paint damages.

How did we repair the keyed car?

The entire left side of this Bentley was keyed and thankfully the damage was not down to the metal.  Since the scratches were not too deep we were able to refinish the vehicle.

The refinishing process is when we do what we call scratch refinement, it’s auto body shop talk for sanding down the scratched surface area down until it is all even with the paint and we remove the deep groves.  Once it’s smooth to the touch we can apply the bondo if it is necessary.

Like I mentioned before, depending on the depth of the scratch sometimes bondo is applied and sometimes it is not.  That is why we always encourage potential clients to come personally to our shop so that we may see the damage or work needed on the car.  Simply because every car is different and every damage is different.

How much does it cost to get your keyed car fixed?

It varies, it all depends on these variables:

  • Location(s) of the scratch
  • Deepness of the scratch
  • Length of the scratch

Since no two keyed car repairs are the same our auto body repair shop needs to see your car in person.  Everyday potential clients send us pictures, but they only tell part of the story.  Our auto body shop cannot correctly give an estimate with pictures alone because we are not able to feel the deepness of the scratch.  Furthermore, our estimate will either be too high or too low.   It is best you always bring in your car to the shop to assess the damage correctly insuring an accurate auto body repairs estimate.

Back to the Bentley, this car’s scratches were not too bad and we were able to fix it without the need of bondo application.  This saved time and money for this keyed car repair.

Once the car was prepared for paint, we applied the base coat, of course we tint color matched the car to the correct Bentley color.  After the color is dry, it’s ready to get its clear coat.  Paint process complete!   Keyed car repair complete!

After the car is painted, all that is left to do is buff and wax the car.  We give all our cars a little detail before the clients pick it up.  And that’s it, the car looks like new.  Client is happy and so are we. (Sadly I forgot to take the before pictures. This happens a lot, I get caught up in fixing the problem I forget to take pictures.)



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