Auto Welding Your Car

To repair automobile body and frame damage, auto welding is used as well as plasma arc cutting.  Welding is the process of fusing one material with another through the application of energy, such as heat.  When done correctly it produces a strong and high quality weld.

There are several types of auto welding techniques.  Below we explain a few of the methods we might use to repair your vehicle’s collision damage.

Electric Arc Welding – Spot Welding

The technique in which a hot arc is formed between the base metal and the filler wire is called arc welding or spot welding.  The arc melts the base metal and the filler wire, creating the weld.


The process in which a brass filler rod is used to join metal together is called Brazing.


Solder is used primarily as a filler.  Soldering is a slow, difficult process, which requires a great deal of skill.

Does your car need any auto welding work done?

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