Professional Car Sanding

The quality of car sanding is what separates your car between a new-looking car and just an average paint job.  It is what separates the professional quality body shops from the average quantity shops in the bodywork world.

The Quantity Car Sanding Process

How are certain paint shops able to charge much less than others?  One way quantity paint shops do this is by cutting corners in the car sanding process.  They either skip some sanding steps entirely or barely scratch the surface of your car.

Our Quality Car Sanding Process

The sanding process prepares your car’s surface for refinishing.  Sanding takes time, experience, and attention to detail.  We remove all and any minor surface imperfections from your car by sanding your vehicle and then wiping it down with a surface solvent.  When necessary, we remove emblems and other trim pieces.

Dry Sanding

Dry sanding is the most commonly known type of sanding.  This sanding process is all about finding the imperfections, correcting all the mistakes and small dings or scratches on your car.  This process is continued on your entire car or damaged area until we find not one.

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is the same as dry sanding but with water.  This type of sanding will bring out a deeper shine and gloss to your car.

Block Sanding

Block sanding is when we use a flat object (block of wood) and sandpaper to obtain a flat surface.

Color Sanding

The final finish is sanded with wet or dry fine sandpaper to obtain an extremely smooth finish and a high gloss from paints, .  Color sanding helps remove imperfections.  Before a final coat is applied, on some finishes, the next-to-last coat is carefully color sanded.  And only the final coat is color sanded on other finishes, .   After all these car sanding stages are complete the final step is to professionally buff and polish your car.

Does your car need professional car sanding work?

Come by our paint shop, call us 818.785.2639, or email us for more information on quality car sanding.  We serve Van Nuys, the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area.