Computerized Paint Matching Technology

Most of the material products associated with auto body repair contain solvents or other chemicals that can cause irritation.  For this reason we ask that clients do not enter this area.  Common materials we use are paint stripper, wax remover, grease remover, fiberglass, body filler, primers, and sealers.

Let There Be Color

An important part of painting is the selection and preparation of the paint.  Selecting the correct color is particularly important when repainting only a panel or a portion of a panel.  Any variation in the color, hue, or shade will be easily detected.

Color Identification

Each type and color of paint is given an identifying number (code).  This number appears on a plate or tag on the vehicle’s door frame or other location.  Keep in mind that age, environment, and care will affect the color of the original finish.

Color Matching

Every color weathers differently, depending on a pigment composition and exposure to the environment.  Some colors fade lighter, while others become darker as they weather.  We color match the weathered color on a car so that it will match to the existing color, unless our client says otherwise.

“Oh boy where to start…my bumper was completely scratched with paint chipping and the hood of My car was like three different colors due to an auto body shop not being able to correctly match my paint. Jaider took the time and effort to check out all the ways we could go about fixing the issue. He was amazing! He had the car for about five days and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the finished product. They do fantastic work and my car looks better then when I left the dealership. I trust Jaider and his crew with all my cars and will reference him to all my friends so glad I found west coast! Highly highly recommend if I could give ten stars I would!”

-Alex G., 2020

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