2008 Escalade Custom Black Matte Color Paint


When a client comes to our shop and asks to repaint their entire car, we talk about all the options.  The client of this 2008 Escalade wanted something new, original, and unique.  So what did we come up with?  A custom black matte color.

Sadly we didn’t take any before pictures because we started to work on the car immediately.  Once I remembered to take before pictures, it was too late.  This actually happens a lot at auto shops, we get caught up on our work and look forward to the after look of a car that we forget to take the before pictures.  Well, maybe not at all auto shops, but in my case it happens often.  Hahaha, sorry.

This car was in fairly good shape the body was in good condition which allowed us to work on the car quickly.  When a car needs body work this can add time to delivery but in this case it was a pretty quick turnaround.

Vehicle Paint Preparation And Application

First we had to disassemble the car.  We had the wheels worked on, the rims were sent out to get powder colored in satin black to match the body.  They turned out really nice.  The tires are the finishing touches of any car.  The fact that the tires match the car paint give it a whole new look to a car.  In fact it looks like a totally different car and a new one too.

With all custom car jobs, we need to resurface the car, what that means is that we clean up the body, remove any dents and scratches.  Once that is complete and the car’s body is a clean canvas we apply the primer sealer.  This gives us the clean surface to work with and helps the paint color get a good hold and helps the color pop once it’s applied.

When you are working with matte colors after the primer is applied the next step to painting a car is the base color coat.  For this 2008 Escalade we got to apply an awesome jet black color.

The car is then finished with a matte clear coat and that’s it!  We do our usually inspection and finish up work.  We make sure the paint is even and clean.  The car is washed, buffed and given a nice detail so that we can make sure the paint on the car is looking it’s best.  And the car looks like new when the owner comes to pick it up.  What do you think?  Do you like how this custom car color job turned out?






“Had a wonderful and painless experience at West Coast Body and Paint! Jaider was accommodating, honest, and had the car ready a day before he estimated! I would highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs body work done on their car!”

-Savannah M., Martinez, CA, 4/11/2017

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