When you work at a body shop the first thing on your mind is how to repair the damages on a vehicle and not taking the vehicle on a photoshoot for before pictures.  Taking a before picture is the last thing on my mind.  And sometimes I managed to remember to take after pictures like these below or sometimes I only take before pictures.  On this blog we have two Bentleys, the top one had to get the front bumper fixed, headlight, and left fender.  The repair was straightforward, body work, take down repair, and left fender repair.  The second Bentley on the bottom had dent repair work done, bondo was applied, then sanding, primer, paint, and clear coat.  Clients were both happy and ultimately that is what matters to me, not taking pictures.  But now I try to remember to take before and after pics.


Are looking for auto body or paint shop for your Bentley in Los Angeles?

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We do more than just exotic cars, we also work with new makes and models, muscle cars, muscle cars, custom cars, and hybrid cars.  Drop me a line at or call/text me at 818.793.7728.  You can always follow us on social media, see what we do and read our reviews.

-Jaider A.


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