Car Scratch Repair Services

No matter how hard you try to guard against them, small nicks or paint chips find their way onto new car paint finishes sooner or later.  If you drive your car on a daily basis sooner or later, your new paint job will suffer some degree of minor damage and can detract from the appearance of your car.  Whether it be by a rock chips from traffic, weather, a collision, parking lot door-slammers or an accidental mishap, you will need scratch repair.

Minor Auto Scratch Repair

Minor nicks and scratches can sometimes be polished or buffed out.   They must be shallow and expose only paint at their deepest point.  If primer or bare metal is visible, you must apply new paint.

Deep Vehicle Scratch Repair

Compared to tiny nicks, long, deep scratches are a serious problem, only a body shop can fix it properly.  At West Coast Body and Paint, we carefully sand the scratches smooth and then feather in new layers of fresh paint, until you can’t tell where the damage was originally.  This is called spot painting.  But what if the damage is deeper?

Severe scratches or vandalized keyed paint, that removes a layer of paint to bare metal, require we paint.  Just like with any paint job, we follow the same auto paint repair process for scratch repair.  As the last step, we carefully color match your car’s original paint using a computerized program.

Car Scratch Repair Process

Body Surface Preparation.  We begin with preparing the body of your car by removing dirt, grease, and any other material, leaving a flawless and smooth surface.

Prime, Sand, and Masking.  These steps of priming, sanding, and masking further prepares the body of your car for paint application.  This insures the paint adheres and leaves a waterlike finish.

Color Match and Paint.  Using a special computer software the painter mixes in the colored basecoat to match your car’s orignal color.  The painter applies the paint and top coat in a specialized room to ensure a pristine finish.

Sand and Polish.  Lastly, the technicians will remove any imperfections sanding, wet sanding, and polishing until their are no scratches.

Does your car need scratch repair?

Come by our shop for minor and major scratch repair, give us a call 818.785.2639, or email us at for more information.  We serve Van Nuys, the San Fernando Valley, and the Los Angles area.