West Coast Body and Paint provides you with professional collision repair service, which includes aluminum repair work.  Our collision repair shop has years of experience and has the equipment necessary to offer you complete aluminum repair services.


Aluminum has significant differences between steel which means that working with this metal requires understanding of how to do the repairs properly.  Our shop knows how these two metals work and differ.  If you choose to take your car to a non-professional body shop that does not know this difference, they might make more damage than good to your vehicle.

Aluminum does not:

  1. Have the same moldable properties that steel does.
  2. Respond to heat as well as steel does.

The New Chrome: Aluminum

The aluminum trim has replaced many chrome-plated steel and stainless trim parts because it can be polished to have a chrome-like finish.

Where can you find aluminum on your car?  Aluminum is:

  • Die-cast into emblems, letters, and doorknobs.
  • Stamped into step plates and raised moldings.
  • Extruded into side moldings and other components.

Auto Body Aluminum Repair Work

At West Coast Body and Paint we work and repair all types of metal, aluminum being one of them.  Aluminum is a light, strong, corrosion-resistant metal, and less expensive than steel.  We know that aluminum requires aluminum specific tools and more attention.  That’s why West Coast Body and Paint has the experienced technicians, tools, and knowledge to repair your aluminum body back to its pre-accident condition.

Do you need aluminum repair?

Come by our aluminum repair shop in Van Nuys if you have questions or need aluminum repair for your car, give us a call 818.785.2639 or drop us a line.  We serve the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area.