What To Do After An Auto Accident

What You Should Do After An Auto Accident

So now that the auto accident is over and you followed steps 1-8.


  1. Assessed the situation
  2. Exchanged information
  3. Didn’t admit fault
  4. Documented everything
  5. Got witnesses
  6. Spoke to law enforcement
  7. Drew a diagram
  8. Called your insurance company

All there is left to do after the auto accident are steps 9 and 10!

Step 9. Take Your Car To A Collision Shop Of YOUR Choice

After your auto accident your insurance company will recommend a repair shop (this is called steering and it’s illegal) but YOU have the right to select the repair facility of YOUR choice for the repairs to YOUR vehicle under California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Section 2695.8(e)(2).  AN INSURANCE COMPANY SHALL NOT REQUIRE THE REPAIRS TO BE DONE AT A SPECIFIC AUTO BODY  REPAIR SHOP.

Once you decide the collision repair shop you want, if your car is driveable, take your car to that auto body and paint shop or have it towed there.  They will write up an estimate of repairs.

The auto body shop will need the following:

  • Your information
  • Your car insurance information
  • Claim number
  • Adjuster’s name
  • Adjuster’s number

Step 10. Tell Your Car Insurance Company What Auto Body Shop Your Vehicle Is At

Give the insurance company all the information of the auto body and paint shop your car is at and will get its work done.

  1. The insurance company will send out an appraiser to go look at your car at that body shop.
  2. The appraiser will give an estimate of repairs to the shop.
  3. The insurance company will deal with your collision shop to repair your vehicle.

The insurance company and the repair shop will keep you posted on the status of your vehicle.

Pick Up Your Car At The Auto Body And Paint Shop

Once your car is back to its pre auto accident state the auto shop will call you to pick it up. Before you can take your car, the collision shop will need:

  • Your deductible* and
  • Insurance payment check

*The deductible is the amount of a claim that the vehicle owner must pay, with the remainder paid by the insurance company.

And that’s it.  

We hope this checklist helps you out.

If you have any questions give your insurance company a call or drop us a line.

Safe Driving,

-Jaider A.

“We have been to West Coast Body & Paint several times the past few years. Jaider & his crew does excellent work restoring our vehicles to new condition after getting into accidents. Over the years, he & his crew restored my father in law’s Toyota Rav 4 & my wife’s Honda after getting rear ended, my 4Runner after backing into a pole, my mother in law’s Honda & my aunt’s car after minor accidents. He does excellent work for a reasonable price. Before I went to Jaider, I received 5 different quotes throughout the San Fernando Valley & Jaider’s was the lowest. He is kind, honest & doesn’t try to rip you off. I definitely recommend West Coast Body & Paint for your body shop needs. Thanks Jaider for doing a great job!”

-Henry, 2019

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