Assessing Car Damage

In order for you to get an estimate of repairs at our shop we prefer to look at the damage on your vehicle in person so we may see what can be repaired and what may need to be replaced.  The damage might not be limited to the exterior sheet metal.  Depending on your vehicle, the parts may be much more expensive than the necessary labor to repair it.

What’s In An Auto Body Repairs Quote?


  • Disassembly
  • Auto body repair
  • Auto paint
  • Frame/Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Reassembly


  • New
  • Used
  • Salvage Parts
  • Repaired (Reconditioned Parts)
  • Aftermarket (Reproduction Parts)
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • NOS (New-Old-Stock)

Car Rental


Paint Materials


EPA/Waste Disposal/Taxes

Is Your Insurance Paying For The Repairs Or Are You?

Insurance Estimate

An experienced estimator will know to look for hidden damage and will list the parts that need to be replaced and/or repaired.  Their task is to inspect the damaged vehicle thoroughly, to determine which parts must be replaced versus which parts can be repaired.  While they are making this calculation, they compile a complete list of parts to be replaced, repaired, and/or refinished.  The more thorough the list, the more accurate their estimate.  Check with your insurance company if they also pay for loaner cars while yours is in the shop.

To Repair or Replace. That Is The Question.

What Can Be Repaired?

If a damage cannot be straightened, smoothed out, and refinished, then the damaged piece will be replaced.

What Must Be Replaced?

Nearly any dented automotive sheet metal can be straightened.  Small rips or tears in sheet metal can be repaired by welding the metal back together.  A simple dent created by a single point of contact can be fixed, while multiple forces from different directions should consider replacing the affected panel.

Repair vs. Replacement

After considering the factors above, how do we determine repairs or replacement?  If there is the option to choose, then we leave that choice up to you.   Consider your time, your budget, the materials you want, and the overall refinish quality you desire.  Your satisfaction is our priority.