Painting Racing Stripes On Your Car

Racing stripes are what we consider an accessory to a beautiful sports car, muscle car, or a car you want to make more unique.  Back in the day, racing stripes was limited to sports cars, but now the possibilities are endless.  Why do we say that?  Because now you can not only customize the look of your car with racing stripes, but the stripes themselves don’t have to fit a certain mold.  They can be as unique as you.

Racing Stripes Evolved

When you have a sports car, muscle car or a car you want to make more special; if you want your car to stand out or want it to have a more sporty look, stripes are your answer.  We can custom paint racing stripes to give your car a more sporty and special look.

The stripes we can paint on your car can have up to six unique characteristics.

  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Placement
  • Color
  • Finish
  • Style

With these many distinct features you can customize, the options are endless.

You decide the size of the stripes, how long or short, how thick or thin.  Quantity means you can have more than just two stipes.  Placement means you can have stripes all along the top of your car, trunk, roof, hood, and/or bumpers and sides.  You decide the color and finish (like matte, flat, etc).  The style means that the stripes are not limited to being a straight line or going in one direction.

Below you will find pictures of just a few examples.  Our favorite is the ghost stripes we did on a black mopar, the stripes on this car went from side to side on the trunk of the car.

Our professional auto paint technician has lots of experience painting racing stripes on sports cars and muscle cars.  You decide what you want and we will make it happen.  Your car is your canvas, we simply make your vision a reality.  Of course, painting stripes on your car is an entire process, not a simple one-step application, for the best results you should only get them done at a professional shop.

Do you want to paint racing stripes on your car?

Come by our shop, give us a call 818.785.2639, or email us for more information on stripes.  We serve the Van Nuys, San Fernando Valley, and the Los Angeles area.