On June 2014 we got a client who wanted car racing stripes on their 2014 Camaro Saleen.  See how we made it happen!

Car Racing Stripes

Car racing stripes gives any car a cooler look.  The 2014 Camaro Saleen we worked on looked awesome after we painted on the car racing stripes.  This process is pretty quick if the client knows they look they are going for.  There are several options when it comes to car racing stripes.  You can add racing stripes on three main parts of a car, the hood, the roof, and the trunk.  The owner of the Camaro wanted car racing stripes only on the hood, and this is how we did it.

2014 Camaro Saleen Racing Stripes

First, like mentioned before, we talked to our client and they let us know the look they wanted.  Once we know what they want, we make the measurements and prepare the car to paint the car racing stripes.



Next we removed the hood, since this was the only part of the car that was going to be painted.  Removing the hood makes it easier to align the stripes and paint the car racing stripes.


The hood is completely masked except the parts that we paint.  We use a special blue tape to reinforce the lines.


Finally we painted the stripes the same color as the side stripes of the Camaro Saleen and it turned out really nice.  What do you think?




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