Car Anatomy 101

Didn’t think you would have to take a class on the anatomy of a car when you clicked on this page did you?  Well don’t worry, you won’t get tested….Or will you?  Haha, you won’t, but you can test your family and friends after reading this.

The reason we decided to add this page to the website is to simply inform our clients.  They say knowledge is power, and that is why we are big believers in transparency and knowledge for ALL our clients.  We get emails, texts, and calls daily with clients trying to describe different types of accidents and repairs needed for their cars.  Sometimes the word “thingy” or “whatchamacallit”  doesn’t seem to help us understand what is the problem of the car.  Although now that I mentioned the word Watchamacallit, it made me crave that chocolate bar….Hmmm.  Sorry, I digress.  So here we are trying to help with any misunderstandings.

Below you can see a simple diagram to help.  You will notice that we prefer to use the words driver side or passenger side, instead of right or left.  This makes it much easier to understand because when we speak over the phone, text or email we don’t know the direction you are looking at the car.

Body Panels Common Names

  • A…Passenger Side Fender
  • B…Passenger Side Door
  • C…Rear Passenger Side Door
  • D…Passenger Side Quarter Panel
  • E…Front Bumper
  • F…Hood
  • G…Roof
  • H…Trunk
  • I…Rear Bumper
  • J…Driver Side Fender
  • K…Driver Side Door
  • L…Rear Driver Side Door
  • M…Driver Side Quarter Panel

That’s it!  Painless right?  It is common to hear people confuse fender with quarter panel and vise versa.  So that is why we wanted to clarify.  If you need more information on parts we suggest you look through our links under our services.  And now, ready for the test?  Just kidding.  If you have any further questions please let us know on the comments below.

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