How long will it take to repair my car?

That’s a good question.  The answer depends in several factors which we will discuss in detail.  We make every effort to return your car as soon as possible and on the time we promise but most of the time the timeline is out of our hands.  Let me explain.

The 24-Step Professional Collision Repair Process

With all things in life, some say nothing is certain, only death and taxes.  I think Benjamin Franklin said that or someone who realized that no matter how well we plan things, life happens.  Here is a break down of all the steps we take in order to get your car to you in a safe and quick manner.

  1. Prepare Estimate.
  2. Provide estimated completion date.
  3. You sign the repair authorization.
  4.  Receive Insurance company approval.
  5.  Order your car’s parts.
  6.  Receive the parts.
  7.  Add vehicle to production schedule.
  8.  Disassemble and re-inspect your car.
  9.  Write up a supplement if necessary.
  10.  Supplement approval by the Insurance company.
  11.  Order additional car parts, if necessary.
  12.  Notify you of targeted completion date.
  13.  Complete frame repairs.
  14.  Complete structural and body repairs.
  15.  Prepare new sheet metal and install if necessary.
  16.  Apply corrosion protection, undercoating, and seam sealer.
  17.  Inspect before refinish.
  18.  Update you on the status of your car.
  19.  Level, Re-prime body work, and prepare panels for paint.
  20.  Vehicle masked, degreased, and placed in spray booth.
  21.  Restore your vehicle paint finish.
  22.  Reassemble, align wheels, recharge A/C, etc.
  23.  Final inspection of your vehicle and test drive.
  24.  Your car is ready for pick up!

As you can see our quality body shop is able to work in a smooth flow but it is contingent on how quickly parts are delivered and processes are approved by both you and your insurance company.  West Coast Body and Paint is happy to keep you updated and informed.  We are transparent with you and the insurance company, our number one goal is your satisfaction.

“Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with several accidents but with that, I’ve come to work with several body shops. I must say Jaider and his crew have left me very impressed. They were on time with the work, which was exceptional. He left my gti looking better than factory standards. They were very professional and sincere in their trade. I would highly recommend west coast body and paint.”

-Jorge R., Palo Alto, CA, 4/7/2018

As of Monday, November 15th, 2021 we are NOT accepting any new work or estimate appointment requests, because…

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Was you car involved in a collision in Van Nuys or the Los Angeles area?

West Coast Body and Paint can help you get your car back on the road.  Our trusted collision repair center can help give you an honest free estimate and work with  your insurance company every step of the way.  Give us a call or text 818.793.7728, come by the shop during business hours, or email us at we serve the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley.

Ourestimates are always free and you are welcome to come by our shop anytime or make an appointment.  We know that many clients like the convenience of sending pictures of their car and request an estimate; but, in reality an estimate by this means is not really reliable.  Why?  Because the estimate will either be too high or too low.  In order to assess the damage and give an estimate, a car needs to be seen by a professional and in person.  This insures that the estimate is as accurate as possible, not too high or too low.  For more information click here.

If you are not able to come by our shop during normal working hours, you can give us a call or send us an email, and make an appointment when you can come, in most cases we are able to accommodate our clients.