Classic Car Restoration

The Professional Classic Car Restoration

Do you have an antique gem sitting in your garage collecting dust?

Do you want to breath new life to your vintage car?

Does your classic car need body and paint restoration?

West Coast Body and Paint will help with your body and paint classic car restoration needs.  We will bring your classic car back to life.  **CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE**  We take inspiration from museums like the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Automobile Driving Museum.

The Classic Car Restoration Process

The Consultation

First thing is first, your vision.  We will discuss your vision and how we will make it a reality.  Your car will get a thorough inspection to see if it needs any collision, rust, and body repair.  Then we will talk about any modifications you would like to make, if any to your classic car restoration project.  Last is the topic of paint, we will discuss color paint options, stripes, and finishes.  In the end of our consultation, together we will compile a list of body repair and paint items which we will complete this will give us your initial estimate.

Why do we call it the initial estimate?  The initial estimate is a preliminary estimate, because let’s be honest, an older a vehicle is the more likely to end up with new “surprises”.  It can be your only estimate as long as no additional damages are discovered during the restoration process, and/or you do not add, change or modify to the work you initially asked us to complete.  Last minute changes are common in these types of projects and so they include additional costs.

The Body Work

Our shop will begin work once the initial estimate is approved by you and we have received the deposit.  The body technician will repair all the body damage to your car, remove rust, straighten panels, etc.  This stage takes time because the damage may seem small on the surface but the inside of your classic car may be worse, so please be patient.  We also pay close attention to the methods we use for classic car restorations, because often times, parts and panels for these vehicles are hard to find, custom fabricate, expensive, or maybe out of production.

Our goal in this body repair work stage is to keep and repair as much of the original parts and panels as possible.  By using all or most of the original parts, it ensures the panels will fit and look seamless, setting the stage for the ultimate paint job.

The Paint Job

A professional body repair is the best foundation for the ultimate paint job for your car.  We get clients all the time come in and tell us their car is paint-ready, but after close inspection, we find lines that aren’t straight, huge gaps, and parts not installed correctly.  Bondo can only fix so much and it doesn’t patch major work.  In other words, a professional body repair is key for a good paint job.

A vintage car’s paint job starts with sanding, bondo, sanding, sanding, and more sanding.  It takes time, experience, and lots of attention to detail when it comes to sanding a classic car.  The lines need to be perfect, no gaps, all the panels and parts in their proper place.  After the sanding is complete, on goes the primers, sealers, base coats, color coats, and top coats.  These are often done several times each and sanding happens in between each coat.  The color, quality of the paint, and finish, is up to you.  Once this is all done, the car gets a professional detail and is ready for you to enjoy.

From Beast to Beauty

We invite you to take a look at our before and after pictures and see just a few classic car restorations we have worked on for our clients.  Taking their classic cars looking from unrecognizable parked in the garage to absolute unforgettables on the road.  A few have won awards in car shows too!  Some take more time than others (depending on the conditions of the car) but it’s worth the wait.  Wouldn’t you agree?

“Jaider and his team did a great job repairing the front end and trunk lid on my classic car. I did not know what color the previous owner painted my car so they had to color match it. Not only did they match it , but because it was black it reflects everything and it came out to a mirror finish. Jaider sent me pictures of the car in progress and sprayed out a color card with the formula on it for future repairs and touch ups. Im so happy with the work I bought a set of side mirrors to have color matched and they’ll swap out the chrome ones. Each time I go in for touch up, they Get the car turned around in about a week. Most classic car guys know our cars cans spend months at some shops. Thank you Jaider and your team at West Coast Body and Paint!”

-Joseph D., Glendale, CA, 5/16/2020

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As of January 2022 we have some good news and some bad news…  

The BAD NEWS is we have moved out of our location and are in search of a new home for the West Coast Body and Paint shop.  

The GOOD NEWS is that we have a West Coast Body and Paint mobile paint repair service unit that will come to you!  The mobile paint unit provides auto services for minor body and paint repairs.

Our estimates are free.  Once we receive your images we will provide you with an initial estimate.   The estimate is a ballpark figure, and after we assess your vehicle’s damage in person, we will review the estimate with you.  If you agree to the final estimate, we will begin repairing your car.  Fill out the form below or contact us through WhatsApp to request a quote.


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