Auto Body Rust Repair And Removal

One of the biggest factors that might determine whether to fix a damaged panel or replace it is rust.

Rust occurs on your car when oxygen, water, and corrosive chemicals combine with steel, rust is formed.  Rust is also known as corrosion or body rot.

Rust Damage Assessment

Before determining the fix to the damaged area of your car, we assess the extent of the corrosion damage.  There are two basic types of rust damage commonly encountered on a car’s body: outside surface rust and inside rust-out.  When we consider repair work on rusted panels, we first evaluate the extent of the rust.

Outside Surface Rust

Outside surface rust begins from the outside of a panel.  It usually starts in areas where paint is chipped and scratched or where moldings and accessories are attached.  Surface rust is more easily detected and repaired than rust that begins on the inside of a panel.

Inside Rust-Out

Rust-out occurs when rust is allowed to eat through a metal panel.  Rust-out starts from the inside of a panel and goes undetected until it penetrates the outside surface.  This damage is more costly to repair.  We recommend to remove panels or doors with inside rust-out.

Rust Removal and Repair Methods

There are several methods used to remove surface rust. The repair technique used depends on the extent of the rust damage.

  • Chemical rust removers
  • Metal conditioners
  • Sanding
  • Media blasting
  • Acid dipping
  • Sandblasting
  • Panel replacement
  • Cutting and patching
  • Fiber-glass fillers
  • Fiberglass mats or foam fillers
  • Patch panels