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Since the body shop reviews can all be found on the Yelp site, we are only posting them in part.  You can always read the entire body shop reviews under the section: “Not Recommend West Coast Body & Paint Reviews“.  We placed the most recent on top.

Our Body Shop Reviews

Fast, Honest, and Great

“Jaider fixed my Prius so I could return it from my lease . They were fast , honest , great & gave me a great price !! Loved em so much I brought my daughters car in for some dings so we could return her car from. Lease , once again Awesome !! Can’t recommend enough !!!” Elizabeth K. Beverly Hills, Ca 7/22/17

Super Satisfied

“This was my first time using Jaider and his crew and I was super satisfied. I had a complex and difficult repair job and I was nervous about the outcome. The workmanship was superb and the two stage paint job was perfect. I could not have been happier. Jaider’s price was reasonable and his whole approach was so professional. Also, when you call him on the phone, he actually answers!” Sue W. Encino, Ca 2/19/17


Been using Jader for well over 5 years and he’s been great. Just last week I bought a new car and a few hours later a truck went thru my front and he had it fixed in 5 days. Amazing!Martin H. North Hollywood, Ca 1/14/17


JAAYDER to the rescue!!this guy knows how to treat his clients. my wife crashed our SUV and jayder was there to help. I was skeptic to go cuz now adays is hard to trust your vehicle to anyone but i found out about this shop here on YELP lol. called him up right away his attitude told me THIS IS IT, this guy will help YOU. I spoke with him personally and he took care of my car. excellent service you can call him on his cellphone anytime and he will answer and return you call too. BEST SHOP EVER!! my family and I will forever be grateful to you jayder. thank you! GOD BLESS!” Wilber M. Los Angeles, CA 12/2/16

Kind, Knowledgeable, and Trustworthy

“Jaider is very kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy. My car was hit and damaged in 3 different areas needing a good amount of work done. I am beyond satisfied with how my car turned out. Every scratch and dent is gone. I was very nervous how the painting and color match would come out and am so pleased with the results, perfection! The paint job makes it look like a brand new car. The whole process was very easy, fast and no surprises/changes with the price. Jaider and his team did an awesome job and I highly recommend this place.” Amanda G. Los Angeles, CA 11/27/16

Nice and Empathetic

Amazing work and service. After the hit and run damage on my car I took it to this body shop they were horrible. They made me feel like it was un fixable and wanted to charge me a lot of money. I left it at this shop but I just did not feel good about it. I called West Coast Body and Paint by accident as I intended to call another shop with a similar name. I spoke to Jaider and he was so nice and empathetic that I withdrew my car from the other shop immediately. He did an amazing job. He even fixed my bent license plate and gave me the left over paint for any minor scratches. I absolutely recommend them.” R. S. Los Angeles, CA 10/1/16

Went Above and Beyond

“Jaider was so helpful and amazing to work with. It was a last minute repair and he made time and really went above and beyond to help us. I would recommend him and his shop strongly to anyone! He made this challenging situation a pleasure to deal with.” David R. Los Angeles, CA 7/30/16

Work is Impeccable

“Jaider & his team are beyond fantastic! … Their work is impeccable as is their word on timeframe & cost. They are truly magical because you can not tell there were ever any scratches. I will not trust anyone but Jaider & his team to do any type of body work on my car. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Jaider! You have a customer for life now. All my best, Stacey.” Stacey H. Van Nuys, CA 7/21/16

Simply the Best!!!

“West Coast Body & Paint is simply the BEST!!!  This was the 4th place I checked, but they were highly recommended, so I went there.  They listen, understand, suggest, and work with you and take care of the insurance work.  As a mother of 4, this really helps. They treat you like you are their only customer.  They are not only professional, they are friendly and courteous too.  Our car was repaired quickly and looks better than new!  I totally recommend this place for all your auto body needs.”  Mrs. H.K. (Northridge, CA) 3/11/16

Transparent and Fair

“Jaider and the West Coast Crew are AWESOME!  First of all Jaider takes his time to explain the work that needs to be done and the costs involved.  He is very transparent and fair. …  After the work was done, my car looked great and was smooth to the touch. They work on all type of cars, classic car restorations, modifications and exotic cars too!  Jaider is very professional, friendly and nice.  I recommend him to all my family and friends.” Maria C. Santa Paula, CA 2/22/16

Efficient and did a Great Job

“I would recommend this shop to anyone. They were efficient and did a great job. The owner Jaider was super nice.I will definitely go back if I need anything done.” Jeany E. Los Angeles, CA 12/1/15

It Was Like New

“I took my Porsche to Jaider, the right side was completely damaged.  The entire right side had dents and scratches.  After he worked on It, it was like new.  From then on, I take my car to Jaider for all my car issues, because I know my car is in good hands. I highly recommend this shop!” Daria R. Simi Valley. 11/9/15

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent!

Excellent…Excellent….Excellent !!!  I was referred to West Coast by my neighbor.    Jader the owner is really easy to talk to,  he clearly cares about the finished product and most of all he is honest. … The work was completed in a timely manner,  there pricing is competitive and the quality of the work was excellent.    I highly recommend them and will not consider using any one else to do any future paint & body work to our vehicles.  Thank you Jader.” Howard B. Los Angeles, CA 5/21/15

Wholeheartedly Recommend

Best body and paint work I’ve ever seen!! They treated me so well and gave me the best price for the work that needed to be done. Everything was done on time and I whole heartedly recommend Jaider for any of your car’s needs big or small. They are the best!” Elizabeth S. Los Angeles, CA 1/11/15

Had to Start a Yelp Account Just to Express My Happiness

“I’m not much of a yelper, in fact, this is my first review, but I am quite amazed at the service and professionalism I received at West Coast Body and Paint, and especially from Jaider….He quoted me a price and assured me it would be no more, no less than that price, there would be no other hidden findings along the line, or anything like that, and he came through.  The car came back to me looking better than it did before the accident!  Extremely friendly, honest man, that Jaider, he is definitely my go to guy now, and I even had to start a yelp account just to express my happiness.  Two thousand bucks in savings will make some one start a yelp account!” Carlson M. Los Angeles, CA 11/9/14

Work Beautifully With the Insurance Company

“Jaider will make you feel like you are the most important customer in the world (which, as you know, you are), but it’s not just lip service. He delivers. ON TIME, I might add, which is more than I can say for the larger, much fancier shop down the street. I have, unfortunately, had much experience with other body shops in the past and West Coast Body & Paint comes out way on top. Jaider works beautifully with the insurance company to make sure out of pocket cost is low. Most importantly, the work is top notch. Where repairs were made, in lieu of new parts, I cannot even tell. Everything looks new, shiny and beautiful.” Laura L. Los Angeles, CA 9/24/14

A Tattoo Artist for Cars!

“…I’m highly satisfied with their work, and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially to those who are looking for custom work. For those who are interested in seeing the work done up close, my car will be featured in the upcoming All GM Woodley Park car show on Sunday Jul 13th. Just look for the Saleen Camaro; it’ll probably be the only one there. After the excellent job Jaider did, ya can’t miss it; he’s a tattoo artist for cars!” Taras M. Los Angeles, CA 6/20/14

Get it Fixed Right and Fair

“… Easy and efficient.  I recommend them!  I have even referred others here!!  Get it fixed right, and fair!  Goodluck!” Jilly B. Studio City, CA 5/5/14

He Will do Much More Than Help

“… There style and dedication to what they do is just great and amazing!! I recommend anyone with car trouble go to West Coast and ask for Jaider tell them Ashley sent you, explain your car trouble and he will do much more then help!” Ashely A. Los Angeles, CA 2/5/14

Rare to Find Someone as Honest and Professional

“It is so rare to find someone as honest and professional as Jaider in the town. … He is a perfectionist and will go the extra mile to make sure your car looks perfect. I highly recommend him and have referred him for years. Everyone I’ve sent to him has loved his work.” Erica M. Los Angeles, CA 12/16/13

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