Hot Wheels Legends Tour 2023

Every year Hot Wheels has a Hot Wheels Legends Tour. This tour is a family friendly event where Hot Wheels searches for the ultimate custom car worthy of getting the die-cast treatment by Hot Wheels.  The Hot Wheels Legends Tour travels around the world in search of the one and this year my family was … Continue reading Hot Wheels Legends Tour 2023

Santa Paula Cruise Night Summer 2023

Awesome event in the city of Santa Paula, California for car enthusiasts.  The Santa Paula Cruise Night is a family friendly event held every first Friday of the months of April through October.  A small town nestled in the heart of Ventura County.  Here are a few pictures we took from our last visit this … Continue reading Santa Paula Cruise Night Summer 2023

The Nethercutt Collection Museum

It's summer and my wife took our kids to a cool museum in the Valley.  If you are a car enthusiast you will want to go visit the Nethercutt Museum.  It's a great collection of vintage vehicles.  Kids will enjoy the museum and train on the rear of the property.  My family definitely recommends this … Continue reading The Nethercutt Collection Museum

Hot Wheels Legends Tour at El Segundo

Last weekend I took my family to a really cool car event, it was the Hot Wheels Legends Tour.  It's an awesome event for young kids and older kids at heart.  If you loved to play with Hot Wheels as a kid (or still do) you have to come to this event when it comes … Continue reading Hot Wheels Legends Tour at El Segundo

Santa Paula, Ca Cruise Night Summer 2021

The city of Santa Paula hosts a Cruise Night every first Friday on the warm months of the year.  This years we were able to go to one, with masks and all.  People from all over Southern California come to this event, even from as far as Orange County.  If you like a family friendly … Continue reading Santa Paula, Ca Cruise Night Summer 2021

Petersen Automotive Museum

With Covid restrictions loosening up families can start planning for fun summer activities.  One of our favorites to take the kids is to the Petersen Automotive Museum. It's open now and we recommend checking it out (safely of course).  Here are a few pictures of a trip we took a few years back when we … Continue reading Petersen Automotive Museum

Van Nuys Cruise Night 2021

Took the kids to the Van Nuys Blvd Cruise night yesterday, May 15, 2021.  Here are the pictures from that evening. Which is your favorite ride? Van Nuys never disappoints.  What city hosts the best Cruise Night?  Let us know in the comments below.

Mopar Fall Fling 2019

A really cool event we look forward to each year. Fall Fling 2019 The fall fling is organized by the Southern California Car Club Chrysler Performance West.  It's fun for the whole family to enjoy under the warm sun of Southern California.  Here are some pictures of this year's Fall Fling with the family.  We … Continue reading Mopar Fall Fling 2019