Paint Booth, Also Known As The Spray Booth

A trip to the paint booth is one of the last steps of the body repair and paint process of your car.  This room is a dedicated room to painting your car.

What is a spray booth?

A spray booth is a dedicated room where the paint of a car is applied.  Our paint booth is a fireproof room designed to filter and circulate the air that comes in and out.  Our spray booth is compliant with federal, state, and local safety codes.

Why we use a paint booth?

Because it is safe, it’s the law and it results in quality work.

Other “paint shops” or freelance painters paint out in the open air.  First of all, that is illegal, bad for the environment, unprofessional, and you can tell by the result of their work.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  But if you want a professional job, you come to professional shops like West Coast Body and Paint.

There are three major reasons why we paint cars in a spray booth:

  1. It’s the Federal, State, and local law.
  2. Paint booths exclude dust.
  3. Exhaust fans in the booth draw out overspray and paint fumes.

A paint booth prevents dust from settling on fresh new paint.

A spray booth also reduces fire hazards and improves the working conditions for the painter.

Our paint booth is equipped with filters to assure that only clean, dust-free air is drawn into the area.  A ventilation system pulls airborne paint to the outside of the booth, where another series of filters remove paint particles before they are blown into the atmosphere.

We do NOT rent the paint booth out.  If you need our paint services feel free to give us a call 818.793.7728 or email us.