5 STAR REVIEW | Taras M.

About 3 months ago I got one of my dream cars: a Camaro. But it’s not just any Camaro; it’s already an award winning vehicle, and in fact the first 2014 S620 Black Label Saleen Camaro on the road, and  a legit collector’s item! But something was missing. The signature butterfly intake valves on the hood blended too much into the hood. I wanted to find some way of making them stick out a little more, and making the car even more of a head-turner than it already is. So I printed a pic of the car, and drew a stripe design on the hood which did the trick. In search of an auto paint shop that would do custom work, I found West Coast Body and Paint. When I submitted my design to Jaider, he was not only up to the task, but enthusiastic and excited about the project. I don’t trust this car to just anybody, and I don’t usually accept the first estimate I get, and usually shop around a bit. But with the reasonable estimate I got, combined with Jaider’s enthusiasm and excellent customer service, I knew I found the right guy and place to do the job; and an excellent job they did indeed, in a timely manner! I’m highly satisfied with their work, and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially to those who are looking for custom work. For those who are interested in seeing the work done up close, my car will be featured in the upcoming All GM Woodley Park car show on Sunday Jul 13th. Just look for the Saleen Camaro; it’ll probably be the only one there. After the excellent job Jaider did, ya can’t miss it; he’s a tattoo artist for cars!  Read more reviews.