5 STAR RATING | Balthazar B.

My experience here was well worth 5 stars.  I brought in my 2008 Cayenne Turbo for oxidation that I made worse by trying to compound out with a magic eraser.  It looked like it needed to be repainted.  After seeing the reviews on Google I decided to see what it would cost to repaint that part of the car.  Since the truck isn’t worth much anymore I wasn’t too worried if it was expensive, because I just wouldn’t do it.

The boss looked at it and said he would see if he could sandpaper and buff it out.  If he couldn’t he wouldn’t charge me.  After determining he could, he quoted me $150.  After getting it back it looked absolutely amazing.  He then only charged me $130.  As long as I’m living in the valley I will bring any vehicle that needs work here.  I  had a great experience.  Read more reviews.