Your Full Service

Auto Body Shop And Auto Paint Shop

We will take care of all your auto body and auto paint needs, from small scratches to complete automotive restorations.

Here are a few of our automotive services:

1. Free Estimate

Your vehicle will be inspected and an estimate of repairs will detail the initial cost of repairs. There is often hidden damage that cannot be seen until after your vehicle is disassembled.

2. Insurance Approval

Your insurance company will review the damage report. Your insurance company will determine if your car is repairable and once approved the repair will begin.

3. Disassembly

Prior to repair work we will remove damaged fenders, panels, grills, trim and/or upholstery etc. Often hidden damage is found and inner structure repairs are determined.

4. Order Parts

All the parts for your car will be ordered. If any part needed is special ordered and causes a delay in completion date, we will notify you.

5. Structure Repair

Structure repairs are monitored by a computer based system to insure accurate and exact factory specifications. This includes alignment and frame work.

6. Body Repair

Your vehicle’s metal body will be repaired or replaced by sheet metal which will be installed and aligned to exact specifications.

We take care an array of automobile body collision damages:

  • Auto dents
  • Auto dings
  • Auto frame repair
  • Auto scratches
  • Bumper dents
  • Bumper dings
  • Bumper repair
  • Bumper replacement
  • Bumper scratches
  • Car fender dents
  • Car fender dings
  • Car fender repair
  • Car fender replacement
  • Car fender scratches
  • Car hood dents
  • Car hood dings
  • Car hood repair
  • Car hood replacement
  • Car hood scratches
  • Car roof dents
  • Car roof dings
  • Car roof repair
  • Car roof replacement
  • Car roof scratches
  • Car trunk dents
  • Car trunk dings
  • Car trunk repair
  • Car trunk replacement
  • Car trunk scratches
  • Quarter panel dents
  • Quarter panel dings
  • Quarter panel repair
  • Quarter panel replacement
  • Quarter panel scratches
  • Vehicle door dents
  • Vehicle door dings
  • Vehicle door repair
  • Vehicle door replacement
  • Vehicle door scratches

7. Paint And Refinish

All panels will be prepared, primed and sealed. We inspect all repaired, primed panels for proper and complete body repair and primer application. This insures good adhesion of final top color coat and clear coat. Once we are ready to paint we color match the car, creating a custom color for your vehicle.

8. Assembly

Trim, upholstery and panels will be attached to your vehicle. We will conduct a quality control check, inspecting all body repairs and paint refinish.

9. Detailing

After your car’s repairs are made and paint applied, we will clean, buff and polish the repaired area and wash your entire car.

10. Final Inspection And Completion

A final inspection will be conducted to insure all your vehicle’s components are in working order. Lastly, we will take your vehicle for a test drive to insure that your vehicle has been completely restored to its pre-crash condition. And that’s it 🙂

Your car is in good hands with us because we only use quality products and professional services.  Our standards are high and in compliance with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.