These guys are the BEST!!!!

Jaider and his team of Dave Senior and Junior are professional and meticulous with their craftsmanship.  Jaider is very honest about all of the costs involved with making repairs and doing a paint job.  He will walk you through every aspect of the restoration, the number of hours of labor and send you pictures to keep you updated on the progress of your repair or restoration.  Jaider is willing to work with any special requests too like filling body trim holes, and making repairs to rusted holes under the back windshield.  If you love your car this is the place to take it. These guys are fast too.  Jaider is a stickler about dry times on paint but every time I would show up these guys would be busy moving my car through to the next phase of the paint job.

I LOVE my paint job.  The black is SO BLACK, the reflection is a perfect mirror.

Thank You Jaider.

You guys are Amazing!!!!  Read more reviews.