5 STAR REVIEW | Carlson M.

I’m not much of a yelper, in fact, this is my first review, but I am quite amazed at the service and professionalism I received at West Coast Body and Paint, and especially from Jaider.  I took my car in for some quotes to two other auto body places before a friend recommended Jaider.  My Toyota Prius was involved in an accident that created a huge dent in the passenger side bumper, the quarter panel and everything attached including the headlight got completely knocked out of place.  Jaider quoted me TWO THOUSAND dollars less than the first two places I took it to.  TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, I kid you not.  He quoted me a price and assured me it would be no more, no less than that price, there would be no other hidden findings along the line, or anything like that, and he came through.  The car came back to me looking better than it did before the accident!  Extremely friendly, honest man, that Jaider, he is definitely my go to guy now, and I even had to start a yelp account just to express my happiness.  Two thousand bucks in savings will make some one start a yelp account!  Read more reviews.