BMW Collision Repair

A while back a client sent us this picture after a collision.  We not only repaired the damaged area on the front end of the car but we also repainted the entire car.  The client wanted to change the BMW’s original paint color from a turquoise to a more deep forest green color.


As you can see the major damage was done to the front end but also on the driver side fender and the hood.  The the bumper and the lights got busted, it looked really bad.


The collision made the hood look like an accordian.  The fender on the driver side was almost completely torn off.


After bringing the BMW to the shop we got to work.  The damage on the car was fixed and since the client was looking for a new color we did that too.






The custom color the client picked out works well with the BMW, almost makes you green with envy how good it looks.


You will also notice how the color reacts to different light.  It almost looks like it’s a chameleon, a really cool effect with automotive paint.



In the end the owner of the BMW was happy and that is all that matters.  The new color green on the car looks great best of all it looks like it came out of the dealership!


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