Repairing Your Car’s Paint

Is your car’s paint faded and old?

Then bring your car to our shop and we will repair your car’s paint.  How?  There are two options:

It all depends on the condition of your car’s paint it.  If the paint is still alive below the current state then we can do a complete premium car detail.  In the case that your car’s paint is in worse condition then the other option is a new coat of paint.  This doesn’t mean that we will simply apply a coat of paint on top of your existing car paint.  It means that your car will have to go through the entire auto paint process to get your car looking like new again.

To Paint Or Not To Paint

Ultimately you decide if you want to invest money in keeping the paint of your car in good condition, whether it be for sentimental reasons or for a future car sale.  It’s all up to you, if you come by our shop we can discuss your options and give a free estimate.