Car Painting And Color Matching

Whether your car needs a complete paint job or a spot paint job we will prepare, prime, and seal all panels.  We inspect all repaired, primed panels for proper and complete body repair, and primer application.  This insures good adhesion of final top color coat, clear coat, and insures the paint will look like new on your vehicle after your auto body repair work.

Color Matching

Color matching is a difficult job.  If your entire vehicle needs to be painted, color matching is not a problem.  Together we will create a custom color for your vehicle.

In many cases, however, only small areas or individual panels of your vehicle need to be painted.  When making spot repairs, matching the new color to the existing finish becomes very important.  That is why we use a state of the art computer program (and the detailed eye of our paint technician) to insure the car’s perfect color match.