Painting Vehicle Panels

Your car is composed of a number of separate sections welded or bolted together.  Each separate part is called a panel, for example, quarter panels, lower panels, and rear body panels.  Depending on the damage on your car, we will either spot paint the panel or paint the panel completely.

Spot Painting vs Full Panel Painting

In a lot of body collision or simple repaint situations, we have to spray complete panels instead of spot painting.  Why? Because spot painting a number of minor dings scattered over an entire panel would look like leopard fur.  It is much easier and the finished look much more uniform and professional on your car if the entire panel was completely prepared and painted all at once.

What determines whether a we spot paint or cover an entire panel of your car? It depends on the following criteria:

  • type of existing paint finish
  • style of existing paint finish
  • size of repair area
  • ability to color blend new paint into the surrounding body paint area

We always keep in mind that our goal is to apply paint in such a way that the repaired area, either spot painting or full panel painting, your will look as if it had never been repaired or repainted.