Straightening A Car’s Metal

Before we begin work on any repair procedure, we analyze and assess the damaged area.  We do this in order to determine the correct repair procedures.  This helps save time and money for you and us.

Metal Damage Types

Not all metal damage is created equal, in other words, they are not all the same.  Metal damage can be fixed quickly or take long, in some cases it might be necessary to simply replace the part.  It simply all depends on the type of damage to the metal.

  • Kinks
  • Bends
  • Cracks
  • Tears
  • Stretches

Types of Damage

Not all damages or accidents are equally the same either.  The type of damage might also be a factor to contribute in making your repair more costly.  This is why we ask that all our potential clients to come over to our shop with their cars so we may assess the damage.  Many problems cannot be seen with the naked eye, many times we need to look under hoods, cars, behind doors, and feel for the damage.  Any slight problem can turn into a big one if not caught sooner.

  • Direct damage
  • Indirect damage
  • Minor damage
  • Major damage

Metal Straightening Techniques

There are several techniques for repairing metal auto body damage.  The techniques used will depend on the age of the damaged vehicle, the location of the damage, and your wishes.

After your damaged panel has been straightened, it will be sanded to assure that fillers and primers will adhere to the metal surface.  Once it has been primed and sanded it is ready for color and top coat.