Painting Auto Wheel Rims

There are those clients who like to customize the paint color of their car, then there are those who like to add racing stripes or decals to their cars, and lastly there are those who like to make the wheels of their car be the stand out.

If you are wanting to make a statement with your car, painting the rims of your car is a subtle but great choice.  Instead of buying new rims, you can give your rims a facelift, so to speak.  It’s incredible how a coat of paint on your rims can breath new life to your car, make it look like a completely different car, even make your car and rims look new again.

Painting your car’s rims is a great simple but noticeable change to your car that won’t break the bank.  Come by our shop for a free estimate, you decide the color, and finish, we will take care of the rest.