The Auto Body Shop

This area of our shop although not beautiful but serves its purpose, it is our:

  • Storage area
  • Metalworking area
  • Sanding and taping area
  • Finishing area


Our body shop has an inventory of commonly used parts and supplies.  Mechanical fasteners, tape, solvents, sanding disks, etc. there are stored inside the body shop.


This is the area where the vehicle’s frame and body panels are repaired.  The type of equipment we have are power tools, hand tools, air compressors, etc.  We also have frame straightening equipment.

Sanding and Taping

Sanding and taping is used when preparing a vehicle’s surface for refinishing.  Minor surface imperfections are sanded and cars are wiped down with a surface preparation solvent.  The dust created when sanding old paint is a health hazard.  Therefore, we use proper respiratory protection and ask that our clients not enter this area.


We also use the auto body shop area to remove masking tape, reinstall parts, etc.  Finish the paint with compound polishing, buffing, and minor repairs.