GMC TRUCKwest-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-10west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-11west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-12west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-13west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-14west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-15west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-16west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-17west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-30west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-22west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-18west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-9west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-6west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-46west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-57west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-1west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-63west-coast-body-and-paint-old-gmc-truck-66

Are looking for a classic car restoration shop in the Los Angeles area?

Come check us out.

15201 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, CA 91411 (Cross streets Sepulveda Blvd. and Oxnard St.)


We do more than just muscle cars, we also work with new makes and models, classic cars, exotic cars, custom cars, and hybrid cars.  Drop me a line at or call/text me at 818.793.7728.  You can always follow us on social media, see what we do and read our reviews.

-Jaider A.


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